In The Zone

What do you do when you’ve reached your personal best in one career?

Mark time? Stagnate? How about become even better in a new career?

One of my sons is into parkour, also known as free running. He has fun, but without the guidance or resources to really develop his skills, his interest is currently more aspirational than otherwise. Over the years, he’s introduced me to his favourite free runners and extreme sportsmen, courtesy of Youtube.

Earlier today, my partner shared something currently circulating on Facebook. Me being me, I did my due diligence. I find the extra time taken to do some basic research helps me to keep Being Splendid on social media.

Step forward Damien Walters, ex-GB international gymnast, stuntman, fight arranger and gymnastics coach. Not to mention one of my son’s heroes.


I’ve been developing my thoughts around the cliché of the Comfort Zone for a few months. That short video powerfully illustrates exactly what my PSA Speaker Factor entry was all about. Damien has the expertise and discipline to know not only how to stage an amazing stunt, but also what actions he needs to take to improve it. Damien wasn’t just In The Zone.

He Owns The Zone.

This isn’t a one-off in his career, either. Take a look at his movie stunts showreel below, showcasing some of my favourite action movies – and I never realised the sequences I enjoyed so much were by the same person. This is what happens when you understand your strengths and work with them.


In The Zone

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