Music was my first love...


This is where you realise I’m a geek…. with a very long pedigree.

I have a fascination with the creativity and innovation inherent in the crossover between genres. I love what people do with a riff, a meme or a trope from a creative specialisation that is not their own.

In English: Swiping bits from others to create something new is great (as long as you acknowledge copyright appropriately).

I got bullied a lot as a kid. If I was into trigger warnings, I’d never switch on the TV, never look at social media, never interact with Brits. Good thing my PTSD was caused by an Irishman, really.

That’s all beside the point. Karma works. I’m no victim; I’m a survivor. We get the really cool memes.

Music soothes me. My tribe know that when I’m relaxed, I sing. Or dance. It takes about 4 units of alcohol to relax me in the company of strangers. You have been warned.

I love science fiction. I’m currently working on Steampunk designs for costume variants that include a Supreme Dalek, one of the crew of Serenity, and the ubiquitous perm-any-eight-from-ten Star Trek outfit.

Which is when I recognised, not for the first time, the link between the opening bars of Dudley Simpson’s Blake’s Seven theme and the orchestral riff at about 02:35 of John Miles’ 1976 hit single.

Take a listen to the two of them and see what you think:

John Miles and Dudley Simpson


Gotta love creativity. It has so many faces.

Music was my first love…

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